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Winter Garden Road wastewater line repaired, wastewater recovered after 4-inch force main splits

On Nov. 19th, a four-inch Orange County Utilities force main split and allowed wastewater to discharge on Winter Garden Road in the vicinity of Woodlawn Cemetery.

The wastewater flowed downgrade along the north right-of-way of Old Winter Garden Road, entered a nearby stormwater inlet structure and flowed into an adjacent retention pond.

Orange County Field Services staff isolated the force main to end the discharge and performed a recovery operation and washdown of the affected areas. A combination of wastewater, wash water and storm water was recovered. The gallons released and recovered are estimated to be as follows:

  • Released: 2,500
  • Recovered: 20,000
  • Discharged to Surface Water: None

The force main has since been repaired and has returned to normal operation at this time.