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Full Lake Herbicide Application on Lake Ola, 6/6

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The Environmental Protection Division will be performing a full lake aquatic plant herbicide treatment using Avast (fluridone) on June 6th. This treatment is part of an ongoing effort to manage hydrilla in the lake. This treatment will be the second of three "bump" or "booster" treatments to maintain the desired concentration of Avast.

•  Do not use treated water to irrigate turf/lawns for 14 days from day of treatment.
•  Do not use treated water to irrigate ornamental plants, hydroponic crops, greenhouse/nursery plants or any food crops until the concentration of Avast is less than 1ppb.
     This concentration will be determined by routine water sampling and quantitative testing (FasTEST) by SePRO Corp.
•  There are no restrictions on consumption of treated water for potable use by pets or other animals.
•  There are no restrictions on the use of treated water for recreational purposes, including swimming and fishing.

Please direct any questions to the Environmental Protection Division at 407-836-1400.