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This section includes information about the geography and land use within the watershed, including the historical and current forms of land use.

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Water Quality sampling site
Hydrology sampling site
Closest Rainfall site
Rainfall sampling site
Multi-type sampling site
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Source(s): U.S. Department of Commerce

The following information illustrates the change in population within the watershed during the past few decades. Statistics shown are only for the watershed area within the boundary of this Water Atlas.

Total Population within each Watershed from 1970-2020
Watershed 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020  
Big Econ Watershed 5,726 6,399 21,182 35,806 88,261 102,550 Graph
Boggy Creek Watershed 53,048 58,827 77,695 107,016 133,326 147,853 Graph
Cypress Creek Watershed 4,147 4,184 13,157 23,110 31,430 42,175 Graph
Howell Branch Watershed 60,923 62,642 65,331 62,444 61,685 67,155 Graph
Lake Apopka Watershed 15,478 23,346 29,048 44,063 79,680 100,087 Graph
Lake Hart Watershed NO DATA 907 NO DATA 1,898 15,974 36,564 Graph
Little Econ Watershed 78,689 125,335 169,545 226,045 259,798 301,511 Graph
Little Wekiva Watershed 30,974 40,747 51,071 56,533 55,175 66,929 Graph
Reedy Creek Watershed 2,218 1,418 2,353 3,645 24,063 57,406 Graph
Shingle Creek Watershed 47,911 72,294 125,905 167,382 206,816 213,257 Graph
St. Johns River Watershed 1,458 2,979 4,871 4,062 4,604 8,615 Graph
Wekiva River Watershed 43,739 69,951 117,333 164,419 185,063 229,682 Graph
Totals for All Watershed Areas 344,311 469,029 677,491 896,423 1,145,875 1,373,784  

Source(s): U.S. Department of Commerce

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    Land Acquisition and Protection

    The Florida Natural Areas Inventory is the primary source for information on Florida's conservation lands. The Inventory database includes boundaries and statistics for more than 1,400 federal, state, local, and private managed areas, all provided directly by the managing agencies. National parks, state forests, wildlife management areas, local and private preserves are examples of the managed areas included.

    Statistics shown are only for the watershed area within the boundary of this Water Atlas.

    1% of the land area within the Cypress Creek Watershed is under protection.

    The amount of protected land under federal, state, local, and private ownership
    Ownership Area (square miles)
    Local 0.41
    Private 0.04
    Source: Florida Natural Areas Inventory
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      Land Use / Land Cover

      Land Cover categorizes the land in terms of the observed physical surface characteristics. For example, while the land use may be classified as agricultural, the land cover may be classified as upland or wetland. Learn more about land use and land cover »

      Interactive Land Use Viewer

      The interactive map shown below demonstrates how the use of land within and around Cypress Creek Watershed has changed over time. Use the slider control at the top left of the map to change the year displayed. Use the visibility slider at the top right to change the opacity of the land use layer.

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      Land Use Legend

      • Urban & Built-up
      • Agriculture
      • Rangeland
      • Upland Forests
      • Water
      • Wetlands
      • Barren Land
      • Utilities
      • Watershed Boundary
      Acreage and Percentage within each Land Use / Land Cover Category for Cypress Creek Watershed
      Year Urban & Built-up Agriculture Rangeland Upland Forests Water Wetlands Barren Land Transportation and Utilities
      Acres% Acres% Acres% Acres% Acres% Acres% Acres% Acres%
      201913,93252154< 1129< 186737,839293,1811259< 15122
      201410,598522001149< 174245,964292,4691215< 13882
      200910,274502721202183345,966292,5201215< 14412
      20049,57547421228511,21066,030292,5831348< 13852
      19998,41041764451521,85195,990292,5761267< 13672
      19957,360362,7001320811,32665,959292,5671238< 13812

      Source(s): St. Johns River Water Management District

      Source(s): South Florida Water Management District

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