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With pipes in need of repair, Orlando residents face paying much higher stormwater fees

The cost to homeowners could double, to more than $20 a month

Orlando property owners could see a steep increase in the fee they pay to maintain and upgrade the city’s stormwater system.

The current fee, unchanged for 15 years, is $9.99 monthly for most single-family homes and commercial properties.

But it doesn’t rake in enough to fund the city’s annual stormwater operations, and falls far short of paying for needed repairs and upgrades for aging infrastructure across the city, Public Works Director Corey Knight told city commissioners Monday.

He proposed an increase of roughly $3.50 monthly each year, with the fee topping out at $21.24 per month in 2028.

“Operating expenses are basically equal to what we’re bringing in,” Knight said. “If we keep that, we’re going to be way far behind in 2028.”

Commissioners didn’t – and couldn’t – vote on the idea Monday as it arose in a workshop setting, but sounded supportive of the plan. A vote on higher fees is likely to come before the city’s next fiscal year begins Oct. 1.