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City of Orlando LIFTS Lake Alert for Lake Adair

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September 8, 2023

UPDATE: The City of Orlando has lifted the Lake Alert for Lake Adair.

Original notice follows:

September 3, 2023

To address citizen concerns related to water quality, the City of Orlando's Streets and Stormwater Division has developed a Lake Alert public information system to provide seasonal and localized warnings for City of Orlando lakes. An announcement has been provided below regarding the lake(s) where water quality has been a concern.

Type of water quality concern: Possible elevated E. coli counts due to a sanitary sewer overflow

Location: Vassar Street, between Edgewater Drive and Ann Arbor Avenue

City Response: On September 2, 2023, a grease blockage in the city sanitary system caused approximately 50 gallons of sanitary waste to enter Lake Adair. Water Reclamation personnel removed the blockage and cleaned the impacted areas.

The City of Orlando advises that water contact activities, including irrigation, associated with Lake Adair cease until further notice.

City personnel will place warning signs will around the lake and begin collecting water samples on a routine basis to test the E. coli counts. Once E. coli counts meet acceptable State Water Quality Standards, we will remove the warning and share this update on our Lake Alert Hotline number (407.246.2220) and the our Lake Alert website (

Please continue to check our website or call the Lake Alert Hotline for the most up-to-date information regarding your lake.

For more information regarding the sewer discharge, please contact Catherine Johnson, Water Reclamation Environmental Supervisor, at

For water quality questions, please contact Lisa Lotti, Stormwater Compliance Program Manager, at