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LIFTED: Lake Alert for Barker Park Canal (adjacent to Clear Lake)

The Lake Alert for Barker Park Canal (adjacent to Clear Lake) has been lifted. Please resume all normal water activities associated with the lake.

Original Lake Alert:

August 4, 2017

CITY OF ORLANDO - Lake Alert Remains in Effect for Barker Park Canal (adjacent to Clear Lake)

To address citizen concerns related to water quality, the Stormwater Section has developed a public information system, "Lake Alert," to provide seasonal and localized warnings (and updates) for City of Orlando lakes. An announcement has been provided below regarding the lake(s) where water quality has been a concern.

Type of water quality concern: Possible elevated fecal coliform

Location: Canal bordering Barker Park. Impacted area identified between boat ramp and fishing pier.

Cause: Undetermined

City Response: City Stormwater personnel have been routinely sampling the canal for fecal coliform. Bacteria results meet State Water Standards in the area of the fishing piers and in the lake, but have exceeded State Water Quality Standards closest to the boat ramp. The City is actively investigating to determine the source that may be contributing to the elevated fecal coliform counts. Warning signs have been placed along the impacted portion of the canal.

As a health precaution, the City is advising that fishermen refrain using this portion of the canal until further notice.

Public Notification – Please continue to call the Lake Alert number, 407-246-2220, for the most up-to-date information regarding your lake. During weekdays, the City's Lake Alert website, will also have the latest information.

For water quality questions, please contact Lisa Lotti, Stormwater Compliance Manager, at