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UPDATE: Lake Alert lifted for Lake Orlando

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UPDATE (10/8/2019): Lake Alert for Lake Orlando LIFTED.

Water quality test results have determined that the sanitary overflow did not affect Lake Orlando, and the lake is meeting acceptable State water quality standards for Escherichia coli (E.coli) counts. Therefore, the precautionary Lake Alert for Lake Orlando is lifted. Please resume all normal water activities in Lake Orlando.
Please note that the outfall pipe leading from the affected retention ponds into Lake Orlando will remain temporarily plugged while we continue to monitor these ponds. This  precautionary measure will ensure there continue to be no impacts to the water quality of Lake Orlando resulting from the sanitary overflow.


To address citizen concerns related to water quality, the Stormwater Section has developed a public information system, "Lake Alert," to provide seasonal and localized warnings (and updates) for City of Orlando lakes. An announcement has been provided below regarding the lake(s) where water quality has been a concern:

Type of water quality concern: Elevated fecal coliform counts due to a sanitary sewer overflow.

Location: 3915 South Lake Orlando Parkway

Cause: Failure in a bypass pipe during improvements at City lift station; approximately 12,000 gallons of sanitary waste discharged from the sanitary line. Approximately 6,000 gallons were recovered and properly disposed of through the sanitary sewer system. The remaining sanitary waste flowed into two adjacent retention ponds, which lead to Lake Orlando via a series of connecting retention ponds. As a result, this series of connecting retention ponds has been impacted by the overflow.

City Response: City Water Reclamation crews stopped the overflow and have repaired the failed piece in the bypass line. Crews have sanitized the affected areas. Additionally, several of the connecting retention ponds are experiencing fish kills due to the sewer overflow. The lake will be posted with Warning Signs and door hangers will be placed on surrounding residences.

In the meantime, City Stormwater personnel will continue taking bacteria samples within the lake and the ponds to monitor the bacteria levels. Once fecal coliform counts meet acceptable State water quality standards, updates will be sent via email, to the City's Lake Alert website and Lake Alert Hotline phone number.

As a health precaution, the City is advising that all water activities on the lake and the retention ponds cease until further notice.