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Visit these pages to increase your understanding and appreciation of our water resources.

This story map gives an overview for each of 15 Orange County watersheds, and summarizes water quality data collected by the County's Environmental Protection Division. Learn which waterbodies are "impaired" and why. Get Started ›

Take a virtual tour of the Wekiva River Protection Area to discover how managed conservation areas are safeguarding the water quality in our springs and rivers and providing recreational opportunities. Get Started ›

This online library is a diverse collection of resource materials with research reports, management plans, assessments, conservation tips, website links, videos, and more. Find what you’re looking for using keyword search and filtering options. Get Started ›

Learn how Orange County implements its NPDES Stormwater Program. Employees of Orange County and its co-permittees can refresh their knowledge and test themselves on the NPDES rules. Get Started ›

What can you do to reduce pollution? Here are 10 actions you can take today that will improve water quality, increase biodiversity, and improve ecosystem health in our communities. Get Started ›

Rock Springs and Wekiwa Spring are the largest of about a half-dozen springs in Orange County. Learn about the anatomy of a spring as well as the factors that affect water quality and how you can help to protect it. Get Started ›

Explore each of our watersheds by learning about interesting places within them. Have a favorite spot? Share your experiences there, and your photos, and see stories and photos from others. Get Started ›

These lesson plans help students to understand the science of watersheds while they practice reading and math skills. Each has a teacher’s guide and student handout and includes FCAT-friendly exercises. Get Started ›

View the Digital Library contents on a map, and find what you’re looking for with a combination of map selection, keyword search, and filtering options. Get Started ›

In Florida, water issues always seem to be a hot topic. Get the latest, and find out about upcoming opportunities to become involved in water resource conservation. Get Started ›

Find out about upcoming environmental events, recreational outings and volunteer workdays. Opportunities abound for enjoying our waterways and improving our watersheds. Get Started ›

Today's stormwater systems effectively prevent flooding, but they are also efficient conduits of pollutants into surface water bodies. Learn how we all can reduce the quantity of stormwater and lessen the pollutant load in urban runoff. Get Started ›

View images of Orange County's people, places, and natural resources, past and present. Get Started ›

Watch and learn about Orange County's waterways, history, people and wildlife... and find new places to explore! Get Started ›

Check this list to find out who to call to report problems or to ask questions about rules, regulations, and permitting. Get Started ›