Get Involved

Orange County Environmental Protection Division's environmental Volunteer & Internship Program (eVIP) offers citizens a means of public engagement with the natural world around them. The eVIP program matches committed individuals with opportunities to become trained and equipped for a variety of important environmental tasks. This empowers each volunteer to help make a difference in their community. Read about the programs below and notify the eVIP coordinator of your interest by filling out the volunteer form.


Coordination and training for the opportunities listed below is provided by Orange County’s eVIP program. Read about each of them and let us know of your interest by filling out the volunteer form.

Water Quality Monitoring

Help keep our surface water clean! Orange County is partnering with the UF/IFAS LAKEWATCH program to train and equip volunteers to test the water quality of local lakes. Volunteers will need to have lake access (i.e. a canoe or watercraft) to collect samples from 3 interior sites in the lake and transportation to deliver water samples to one of the LAKEWATCH drop-off locations. The time commitment for this opportunity is a few hours each month for 1 year+. Additional information can be found at the following links:

Storm Drain Labeling

Spearhead a storm drain labeling project in your community. Orange County eVIP provides all the supplies, a one-hour training and the support to create an enjoyable and meaningful service project for your group. Please help us keep our surface water clean and our storm drains functioning properly. This is a great project for Scout groups!

EnviroScape Training Workshop

Get trained in the EnviroScape Model and provide fun, hands-on watershed education presentations to youth in Orange County. Are you an educator? Once trained, classroom teachers and youth group leaders can also "check out" our education materials. One-on-one trainings can be arranged to accommodate your schedule.

Community Cleanup Kit

Is your group looking for an environmental project? eVIP has a new kit that helps individuals lead a cleanup and assist to keep Orange County free of pollution. eVIP provides the supplies, a one-hour training and support. The project is a good fit for volunteers of all ages and groups of all sizes. Educational materials will be provided as requested.

Monofilament Collection Tubes

Hard working eVIP volunteers created extra monofilament collection tubes to be placed in areas of need. Do you know of a lake or fishing spot that would benefit from a collection tube for used fishing supplies? Please help us identify an area and let us know if you would like to help!