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Data Download and Graphing Disclaimer

In order to continue, you must indicate that you acknowledge the limitations of the current system.

Like any data management system, Data Download and Graphing has some restrictions to use. The below disclaimer should be read carefully before downloading data. Also, the user should fully understand that the information provided should in no way be altered to misrepresent data content or the degree of accuracy provided by the data.

Row format should always be chosen, when data is to be used for critical analysis.

  • If you select column format data versus row formatted data, you must be aware that limitations exist for this data format. These include:
    • Column format is unable to present additional fields that row format can provide such as Value Qualifier (QA Code), Sample Depth, and Sample Fraction (Total, Dissolved, etc.).
    • Column format is limited to the number of parameter fields that can be returned; currently that number is 55.
  • All result values have been standardized for specific units of measurement. For example, all Secchi Disk data have been standardized to measurements in feet.
  • QA codes have been standardized to Florida Department of Environmental Protection standards for the purpose of the Atlas. Currently, the original QA Code provided by the data provider is not available. We are working on a change that will allow the display of all user generated QA codes.
  • Surface water quality sample stations cannot be displayed unless the sample station can be accurately matched to a specific waterbody.

If you have any specific ideas that could help us improve the data download and graphing system or if you have questions related to the limitations of the current system, please provide your suggestions using our comment form.

I have read and acknowledge the limitations of the current data download and graphing system.

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