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Fertilizer fuels ordinance debate in Orange County

ORLANDO -- Orange County is eyeing revisions to a fertilizer ordinance. Some environmentalists want it strengthened, but some landscape and lawnscare pros say they don't want sweeping changes.

  • Orange County considering fertilizer ordinance revisions
  • Seminole County changes banned nitrogen, phosphorus fertilizers in summer
  • Environmentalists say its better for waterways
  • Landscapers say it means less healthy lawns

“When you’re hungry, you eat. When the turf is hungry, it’s time to be fed," said Billy Butterfield, who manages AmeriScapes Landscape Management Services.

“I think there shouldn’t be any fertilizer used during the summer months," said Eric Rollings, Chair of Orange Soil and Water Conservation District.

In February, Seminole County passed one of the most restrictive fertilizer ordinances in the state, banning application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers in summer months. Those who wish to fertilize can use "summer blends," which contain potassium, iron and other micro-nutrients.